Chicken pie [mmm, pies…]

I’m not one for following recipes. Its not that I’m a snob or have a mad amount of confidence in my own culinary genius [I’ll leave that for others to decide], its just that I like to play around and make things up myself, I own a grand total of two cookery books and frankly I can’t be arsed reading instructions. So, as a little experiment I decided I was going to follow a recipe, to the letter, and see what happened. I had some chicken thighs in the fridge and fancied making a pie so I cracked open Heston Blumenthal’s delicious sounding recipe for chicken pie.

The result, after a lot [and I mean a lot] of faffing around all evening was pretty good. Personally I’d half the amount of mushrooms and leeks that the recipe instructs though – they overpowered the dish. I’d also be tempted to add a bit of cheese into the sauce for extra deliciousness. Everyone loves cheese. Basically, next time I’ll stick to my own recipe. Sorry Heston. Close, but no banana.

N.B – His method of ‘low and slow’ cooking of the meat does produce really tender and tasty chicken though. What a G.


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